Pokemon Battle Revolution Importer

For those who don’t know the game visit here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pok%C3%A9mon_Battle_Revolution

Its a pokemon game, released only for the Wii console, and it contains exactly 494 different pokemon models.
The models are very very detailed and that was kind of intriguing for me in order to start playing around with the files.
The original pokemon files are fsys files. There is one .fsys file for each pokemon. That means that it contains all of its sub models for all the additional versions of the pokemon (shiny, normal, different skin depending on a holding item and stuff like that).

Now inside each of those .fsys files, there are subfiles stored in a LZSS compression format. LZSS is a dictionary based compression that manages to dramatically decrease the original file size. So i need to get them decompressed at first.
I wrote a python script in order to manually export those LZSS parts but it was not that useful for continuous use. That is why i developed an “FSYS Explorer” windows application (C#) which will soon be available for download . You can see a preview of that below (very very very very very early version :P).

It features a preview of all the parts contained in the main file, and allows the export and decompression of any selected part.


Now to the main model importer. As always i wrote an Importer in Python for Blender, which is able to import all the models contained in the file, and also most of the textures in the file. I’ve not worked on the materials for now.  I also want to work more on the model bones, which is one of the main reasons i got into this stuff. It seems that i am missing something for now and that is why the bones are not imported correctly. So there should be some changes on the code until the release of the script. Until then, here are some previews various imports.




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