FIFA 14 3D Importer/Exporter

FIFA14 3D IE is a blender script that gives you the ability to import and export FIFA 14 3d model files


  • Import Support for ALL 3d files (stadiums, heads, balls, props, trohpies,gloves,jerseys,body parts and many more)
  • Import Support for both compressed and uncompressed .rx3 files.
  • Export Support for Stadiums (including Crowd and Texture files)
  • Overwrite Support for Heads and Hairs
  • Various Stadium Tools for making the modeling work much easier

Stadium features:

  • Full Import Support

    Everything gets imported. All the uv map layers and all color layers on every object, Original stadium Group and group names, Materials and textures with automatic assignment on import, crowds, lights, collision and props are supported too.
  • Colored Crowds

    While in vertex paint mode, you can see the paint of the original crowd meshes and of course paint the seats yourself to your own will.
  • Export Support
    Nearly ALL options that imported can be exported as well. The exporter features, the multiple uv maps, the color maps, the groups, the materials with their textures (currently only 3 per material), the collisionobjects. Additionally crowds can be exported atm. No light export support yet.

Face/Hair Features:

  • Full Import support,
    Including materials and textures with correct material settings for direct renders.
  • Overwrite Support
    Import a model, change its vertex positions and uv’s and append the changes back in the file.


All the different aspects of the script are organized in different sections which you can find in blender’s Scene Settings panel.


1)Copy the fifa_tools folder inside Blender’s root directory (it must be in the same folder with blender.exe)

2)You install the from Blender. Goto User Preferences, then in the Addon Tab and search for the .py file. For enabling just check it.

You’ll need Blender 2.67 or higher. The script should not have any problem with all 2.6 versions of Blender but for the record it was developed in 2.67b


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Credits to the creators:


version: 0.3alpha

-Added Importing support for Head Models, Hair Models, Trophy Models and Stadium Models
-Added DDS exporting support from every game texture file (Supported DDS type so far, DXT1, DXT3)
-Added Exporting support for Head Models.

version: 0.31alpha

-Fixed a module missing issue
-Fixed not loading base UV Maps

version: 0.4beta

-Added automatic texture importing and material assignment.
-Added more organized stadium import support including bounding boxes for the groups).
-Added Facegen obj importing capability.
-Added Hair Export support.
-Added More helping operators.
-Added more parametric importing options.

version: 0.5beta

-New naming convention that includes the file id in the object (or material) name.
-Import Support for Stadium Props.
-Import Support for Stadium Rebound Geometry.
-Import Support for Stadium Lights.
-Import Support for Crowd Placements.
-Various fi xes in the material settings.
-Import Support for fi le types such as wipes,crowdchairs,ballboys,crowds and more.
-Added UV Export Support for Head and Hair models.
-New script logging system.

version 0.51

-Fixed issue with underscores in directory paths.
-Fixed Import issue with some hairs.

version 0.6

-Added better and more sophisticated crowd support.
-Added better and more sophisticated mesh support (Wipes support added).
-Added chunkzip compressed files support.
-Added Stadium Export Support. Textures Exporting is supported.
-Added Stadium Stadium Crowd Export Support.
-Added Helping tools for Mesh face coloring and crowd creation and tweaking.
-Fixed Facegen corrupted face export.


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